Which is the right choice for your best shots, traditional or candid wedding photography?

Best shots, traditional or candid wedding photography

Life revolves around moments, these moments shape our memories and photography has been a tool of recollection. In the line of making memories, a wedding is an occasion set up for it. What is more special to capture than addressing a new journey?

Photographs at the wedding is an essential part of the ceremony. They showcase our moments of bliss that stays with us and beyond generations.


Two edges

Right now, candid wedding photography has taken over the world of wedding photography but traditional wedding photography revives its worth by being the authentic one to capture our families and their dramas. In most weddings, both equally play their part. From a traditional album to the limitless digital copies, the way we store our memories did change and it will continue to do so. While candid photographers constantly look for a story to tell, traditional photographers try to frame that story pleasingly. At the end of the day, both convey the story that longs to be a strong memory in our life that travels along with us.

Traditional wedding photography

We all know the routine of wedding peeps pose and a photographer curates the order and space to make the memory in an appealing frame. This has been the way our parents and grandparents captured their wedding moments which we get to see even now in an old album. These are mostly based on the groom and the bride with their extended family photos looking at the camera.

Traditional wedding photography assembles the perfect shot. Mostly, eye-level images in a specific backdrop.

Still, some people are stick to it as this format still exists as fulfilment in capturing the event from ages.

These are the basic documentation of a comprehensive album of your events and the people who attend them.

Candid wedding photography

Everything goes out of fashion and something similar to it comes aboard. This is where candid wedding photography peeks in. These are the most natural and vivid modes of clicking the emotions, be it a wide smile of happiness or tears of joy. Here you get to see the bride and groom out of their rehearsed poses, being themselves as a couple and this showcases the best of their relationship in an impromptu way.

Candid wedding photography is big on emotions and actions that enrich the experience.

Photographers spend hours into training in clicking pictures to look for perfect freezes. The most creative shots come out of this candid crew.

They have the refreshing take on the already overblown repeated pattern.

To your advantage

Change is constant and adapting to it at our convenience is the best choice we could make and this generation of couples are drawn to the possibilities than the template that are fixated.

Wedding photography can tell a tale. So, why not capture it in every magical way possible, make it candid and weave it with emotions?