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10 Tips To Create Wedding Hashtags

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding preparation has to be coming up with a charming or smart wedding hashtag. However, you could find yourself questioning if it’s actually required before you start coming up with jokes with your prospective spouse. Although they are not very new, wedding hashtags have remained popular throughout time for a reason.

Your guests will probably upload some photos on Instagram during or after the wedding, unless you’re planning an entirely unplugged ceremony and reception. It’s quick and simple to save all of those priceless experiences with a custom hashtag. Additionally, it will motivate loved ones to post pictures on social media in the first place, enabling you to gather even more priceless behind-the-scenes mementos—because even the best wedding photographers can’t be everywhere at once!

Uncertain about where to begin? Here, we present some of the best advice and suggestions for wedding hashtags at Knot Stories. Of course, we completely understand if you don’t want to include creating a unique social media tag on your wedding to-do list. Fortunately, you can find a tonne of free wedding hashtag generators online as well as expert hashtag-writing services. Keep reading to learn which one is our favorite.

Make Your Own Wedding Hashtag: Instructions

Don’t worry; it’s actually rather easy to come up with the ideal wedding hashtag if you’re unsure where to start. Grab a pen and some paper so you can start thinking right immediately as we recommend!

Identify yourselves first:

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Start with the fundamentals even if it might seem apparent. Make a start with your first, last, and nicknames. Recall the charming mash-up moniker your college roommates named you two? You might actually want to embrace it at this point. It makes it simpler for visitors to remember, which encourages more of them to utilize it.

Make a pun:

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One aspect of your wedding that you can truly enjoy yourself with is the wordplay. Search for rhymes, alliterations, synonyms, and puns to create a tag that is smart and memorable. If you and your spouse are at a loss for words, ask a funny friend or family member to help you brainstorm, or use an internet generator for punny wedding hashtags.

Use figures:


Using your wedding date or year is a simple way to make it your own if you don’t have any distinctive names or are having trouble coming up with anything original. You run the danger of using another couple’s wedding hashtag if you don’t include a number.

Avoid using simple typos.

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Check your final document for any obvious spelling errors that your wedding guests could make .For instance, if two words with the same letter are close to one another in distinct terms, you might wish to abbreviate the lengthier last names or reorder the phrases. To prevent a potentially dangerous double “a,” it can be as simple as switching #SaraAndDave to #DaveAndSara

Initial letter should be capitalized.

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It might be easier for readers to follow each word’s beginning and ending by capitalizing the initial letter of each word. This will also increase the likelihood that your joke or pun will be understood by everyone. Whether or whether you capitalize your social media postings, it will still function correctly.

Verify that it hasn’t already been used.

Check the wedding hashtag to see whether anything has already been posted to it and, if so, how many images. Do this before printing those save-the-date cards. Go ahead and use it if there are only a few other photographs that don’t appear to be wedding-related, but if there is another wedding with the exact same hashtag, you might want to change a letter to a number or use a different rhyme to prevent the photos from being confused.

Employ a Writer for Hashtags

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If coming up with a clever phrase or wedding joke on your own is proving challenging, it might be time to seek expert assistance. Wedding hashtag makers, such as Wedding Hashers, provide a customized service. Just a few details need to be entered for the experts to begin working. They’ll provide you with their suggestions as soon as they’ve come up with a few unique possibilities. Although there is a price associated with the service, you will receive a unique hashtag as a result (minus the stress).

Naturally, like with any investment in your special day, you’ll want to weigh the advantages and downsides. There’s a risk you won’t like the wedding hashtags that professional writers come up with, even if it’s generally a safe bet to do so. Check out some wedding hashtag samples from other couples who have used the service if you’re hesitant.

Use a hashtag generator for your wedding:

Do you still have any difficulties? If you’d prefer not to shell out the cash for a freelance writer, there is a Plan C. Many more of these internet developers of wedding hashtags may be found by performing a quick Google search. A free wedding hashtag generator is available from Wedding Hashers. You may continue trying with different options up until you find the perfect wedding hashtag generator for you.

You should be aware that this advice won’t be specifically targeted to you and your spouse. Nevertheless, they serve as a useful model for developing your own distinctive term. To ensure you don’t miss out on the newest and best forms, many generators will also provide you with the most popular wedding hashtags.

How to Use the Hashtag for Your Wedding

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to inform others. Before the big day, you should let your guests know about your hashtag since the more people see it, the more likely it is that they will remember to use it. Share it with your wedding party, including it on your save-the-dates, and of course, on your wedding website! Your guests will adore receiving a sneak preview of your big day if you upload pictures with the hashtag during your engagement (for example, at your cake tasting or during another enjoyable preparation chore).

It’s a good idea to have a few reminders on hand on the actual day. There are many creative ways to use your hashtag to decorate your venue, such as incorporating it into the welcome signs at your wedding or printing it on adorable table cards.