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12 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Wedding Cake

wedding cake

We love a cake that makes a statement, but subtle desserts may still be effective. The straightforward wedding cake. Simple wedding cakes frequently follow a more traditional pattern than anything else, being sparsely decorated and covered in white buttercream. By adding a monster leaf for a tropical twist, outlining layers with fondant that looks like pearls, or using metallic foil as a glamorous touch, you can still keep things simple while spicing up tradition.

Additionally, there are other ways to be daring without decorating your cake! Choose many single-tiered cakes to assemble a magnificent table display. We also adore the concept of filling a traditional-appearing cake with a novel flavor, like raspberry or banana jam.

Simple wedding cakes are ideal for a relaxed, private ceremony, as well as if you and your partner choose a classic or simple style. In addition to these cakes’ stunning simplicity, there is another benefit: the less effort, the less money it will cost (typically).The 38 easy wedding cake ideas listed here will do the trick.

1.Go Minimalist:

For a modest, organic look, cover a plain white wedding cake with foliage and arrange it in a shallow dish. Buttercream icing and cream cheese filling complement the red velvet cake’s inside.

2.Add floral:

Frosted tiers and seminude layers are adorned with a vine of earthy-hued flowers and vibrant foliage. The bride’s grandparents’ safari trip served as the inspiration for the outfit and the entire ceremony. We adore a wink of nostalgia!

3.Merge into the Tuscan feel:

With wreaths of olive leaves and fresh orange slices, a straightforward two-tier white cake is given a Tuscan makeover. To complete the rustic Italian countryside theme, place it on a wood charger and top it off with a wrought iron cake topper.

4.Create some Romance:

A traditional option is a three-tiered white wedding cake, but this one has a more relaxed feel owing to the textured fondant. A touch of romanticism is added with fresh flowers in a mauve and pink color scheme.

5.Pick up unexpected Flavors:

The three white levels of this fondant-pleated dessert give it a traditional appearance, but the interior is pleasantly surprised by an unexpected banana taste. For a touch of nature, adorn it with a swath of ferns and white flowers.

6.Use Bougainvillea:

This cake is for you if you’re having a destination wedding! To give your cake an escapist vibe, add some bougainvillea and leaves. Layers of chocolate, salted caramel, and vanilla almond may be found inside this stunning object.

7.Create Texture:

With rough stripes on the top layer and a delicate floral pattern on the bottom layer, a plain white cake is given a makeover. Fall leaves add a muted, husky hue that gives off an autumnal feeling.

8.Build a tower:

This towering confection steals the show. While tropical blossoms and greenery evoke a sense of paradise, lanky brushed tiers give off an artistic, unruly vibe.

9.Channel the Tropics:

This two-tiered wedding cake is clean and tropical and manages to be dramatic without being excessively so. It is decorated with lovely white blossoms and lush greenery. With flavors like chocolate chip with mocha buttercream and vanilla with Dulce de lecher, it tastes as wonderful as it does to look at.

10.Layer Fruit:

Fruit can also be used as embellishments instead of flowers. For a hearty, rustic feel, garnish a buttercream cake with fresh apricots, figs, and olive branches. This one is fantastic for a farm or rural wedding.

11.Using dried Floral:

This straightforward wedding cake, in our opinion, befits a romantic woodland wedding. A bohemian, ethereal sensation that comes with the beauty of the woods is evoked by adorning your cake with sugar-dried flowers and twigs.

12.Incorporate Citrus:

The ideal homage to a rural wedding in California wine region is an apricot and corn wedding cake adorned with blood oranges.