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65+ Cute & Funny Shoe Game Questions to Enliven Your Wedding

65+ Cute & Funny Shoe Game Questions to Enliven Your Wedding


The Shoe Game has become a beloved tradition in weddings, offering a blend of humor and candidness that delights both the couple and their guests. It’s a playful way to learn more about each other and share laughs with loved ones.


What is The Shoe Game?


A popular wedding game, it involves the couple sitting back-to-back, each holding one of their shoes and one of their partner’s. They respond to questions about their relationship by raising the appropriate shoe.

How to Play:

The couple sits with their backs to each other.

They swap one shoe each, so they hold one of their own and one of their partner’s.

The host asks a series of questions, and the couple answers by raising a shoe to indicate ‘bride’ or ‘groom’.

Tips for a Fun Shoe Game:

image3 Keep a list of questions ready.

Involve guests by letting them shout out questions.

Encourage guests to add impromptu questions.

Track answers for a light-hearted result announcement.

Categories of Questions:

Lovey-Dovey Questions: Focus on the romantic aspects of the couple’s relationship. Example questions include who apologized first after arguments, who’s the better kisser, and who’s more involved in wedding planning.

Funny Questions: Bring humor to the forefront. Ask who’s likelier to forget where they parked, who’s a better bathroom singer, or who starts fights more often.

Personality Highlighting Questions: Explore questions that reveal more about each person’s character, like who is the better driver, who has a better style sense, or who is more spontaneous.

Guest-Engaging Questions: Include queries that will resonate not just with the couple but also entertain the guests. For instance, who is more likely to win in a staring contest, or who is the pickiest eater.

Post-Wedding Anticipations: Fun questions about what might happen after the wedding, such as who will hog the remote control, or who is better at managing finances.



The Shoe Game is a fantastic way to add an extra layer of fun to your wedding. It not only provides entertainment but also offers a glimpse into the couple’s dynamic. Remember, the key is to keep it light-hearted and enjoyable for everyone involved.