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Creative Ideas For a Whatsapp Wedding Invitations Just For You!


Now let’s be honest. Without services like WhatsApp, it is impossible to envision our life. WhatsApp has emerged as the best method of communication, and WhatsApp invitations are all the rage. Whether you’ve made a bridesmaid’s group to virtually let your girls help you shop for the wedding or your parents have added all family members to a group to keep them all updated on the wedding arrangements. The abrupt expansion of communication that is based on technology will also be seen in 2021. Whatsapp invitations assisted in bridging the social gaps that the lockdown had forced us to face and filling them when sending print invites was challenging or hazardous. In the modern day, receiving a WhatsApp marriage invitation will be just as joyful as receiving a tangible card!

Even before a paper invitation shows up at their doors, additional marriage invites via WhatsApp will allow the visitors ample time to request leaves and reserve their dates well in advance. At Knot Stories our goal is to help you deliver the news with passion and without skimping on the crucial elements by giving you some sample WhatsApp marriage invitation ideas.

How Can I Make Original Whatsapp Wedding Invitations?

If done correctly, sending your wedding invitation via WhatsApp may be a really unique presentation! We can all agree that good images are loved in the Instagram age. All it takes to add personality and excitement to your Whatsapp wedding invites is a touching photo or entertaining video. 

It just takes a few sentences of narrative to provide your visitors with all the information they need to enjoy their experience with your Whatsapp marriage invitation card.

E Marriage Invitation Cards

To make the ideal E-Invitation WhatsApp marriage invitation card for your wedding, all you need is a lovely and unique template.

Traditional JPEG format:

You may use the same template to produce a digital format for Whatsapp if you have a conventional card created for your immediate relatives. Indian traditional wedding invitations are always in trend!

Whatsapp Marriage Invitations through Chat:

Do you recall when Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu used Whatsapp conversation to invite people to their wedding? You may use the same model for your friends and coworkers if you want to maintain the trend of unusual couples being at the top of their game.

A formal WhatsApp marriage invitation:

For your Whatsapp invitations, here is a collection of official marriage invitation texts in English:

  1. Salutations!


Marriage represents a wonderful fresh start. We, the (bride’s and groom’s names), would like to welcome you to witness and share in our new beginning.

We would appreciate your presence as we exchange vows in holy matrimony on (the wedding day), at (the wedding time), and at (the wedding location). Your presence is important to us.


Bride and Groom


  1. We are overjoyed to share the news of our daughter’s wedding to [groom’s name].

We really hope that you and your family will attend this auspicious event.


  1. Mr. (Father’s Name) and Mrs. (Mother’s Name) kindly welcome you to grace the wedding event of their daughter (her parent’s name) and (son’s name) who is engaged to (name of his fiance).


Date, time, and place

Regards Bride and Groom.

Creative Whatsapp Invitation:

Give your Whatsapp wedding invitation some extra flair by drawing inspiration from Bollywood movie posters, caricatures of amusing times in your relationship, a photoshoot with your furry children, and more. Give your imagination free rein and fill your Whatsapp wedding invites with enthusiasm.

The renowned quotes from a book or movie might serve as inspiration for your Whatsapp wedding invitation message. 

We’ve come to the conclusion that we like being with each other constantly. Now that we are getting married, we want you to see us commit our lives to being with forever. You are welcomed! Date, time, and location – Regards, Groom and bride.

Casual invitation:

The Minions have arrived, we say once more! We have made the decision to become inseparable Minions for life, and we want YOU, fellow Minions, to join the celebration! We need you there from beginning to end since we are getting married. Set your calendars, pack your bags with glitz, and come meet us here at (location), on (day, day) at (time).

See You there!

Bride and Groom

Ask your graphic designer to make a digital card to send along with the message if you want to be more inventive with your WhatsApp marriage invitation. If, however, working with a graphic designer is not on your to-do list, you may just include a pre-wedding photo or any other photo of the two of you with the WhatsApp marriage invitation.

Even while WhatsApp allows us to send an unlimited number of messages without worrying about our smartphone balance, sending lengthy invitations that can be perplexing to others is not a good idea. Make sure that the receiver receives all the pertinent information by keeping the invitation message brief and to the point.

Now that we’re curious about the WhatsApp marriage invitation you made for your loved ones. Comment below: