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Fairy-Light Entrance Shots That You Must Bookmark For Your Wedding Album!


Creating a magical entrance to your wedding is all about setting the tone for an unforgettable evening. The twinkling of fairy lights can transform any space into a dreamy and romantic setting, making it perfect for those once-in-a-lifetime photographs. In this blog, we’ll explore some enchanting fairy-light entrance ideas that you absolutely must consider for your wedding album.

The Starlit Canopy Walkway: Imagine walking down a pathway covered with a canopy of fairy lights, creating the illusion of a starlit sky. This setting not only makes for a breathtaking entrance but also provides a stunning backdrop for photos. The soft, warm glow of the lights will add a touch of magic to your pictures.

Fairy Light Curtains at the Entrance: A curtain of fairy lights at the entrance of your venue can be both welcoming and mesmerizing. This shimmering veil creates a beautiful boundary between the outside world and your magical wedding space, offering a perfect spot for a captivating entrance photo.

Enchanted Garden Gateway: Transform the entrance to your venue into an enchanted garden with strings of fairy lights intertwined with greenery and flowers. This creates a whimsical, nature-inspired gateway that not only looks enchanting but also makes for a romantic photo opportunity.

Light Tunnel: Create a tunnel of lights for your entrance. This immersive experience can be especially stunning in the evening, providing a dramatic and fairy-tale-like entry for the bride and groom. Walking through this tunnel of twinkling lights would make for an incredible photo.

Vintage Lamp Posts with Fairy Lights: For a more vintage or rustic feel, combine fairy lights with old-fashioned lamp posts at the entrance. This combination offers a nostalgic and romantic ambiance, perfect for timeless wedding photos.

Hanging Light Orbs: Suspend orbs or spheres wrapped in fairy lights from trees or the ceiling at the entrance. This unique and modern approach to fairy-light décor adds an element of sophistication and is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Fairy Light Archway: An archway adorned with fairy lights and possibly some floral accents provides a classic and elegant entrance. Standing under this archway for a photo captures not only the beauty of the moment but also the essence of a fairy-tale wedding.

Bohemian Dream Entrance: For a more bohemian or rustic wedding, mix fairy lights with macramé or lace details at the entrance. This combination gives off a laid-back, dreamy vibe, perfect for a relaxed yet romantic wedding atmosphere.

Remember, the key to stunning fairy-light entrance shots lies in the timing and the photographer’s expertise. Capturing these moments during the twilight hours can add an extra layer of enchantment to your photographs. Also, hiring a photographer who can skillfully play with light will ensure that these magical moments are captured beautifully.


Incorporating these fairy-light ideas into your wedding will not only create an unforgettable entrance but also provide you with a treasure trove of magical photos to remember your special day. So, make sure to bookmark these ideas and discuss them with your wedding planner to bring your fairy-tale entrance to life!