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How To Make a Photo Booth Work for Your Indian Wedding!

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You’ve been looking around on KnotStories and are now certain that you need to add something to your wedding festivities that will be so incredible that everyone will speak about it for generations to come! The perfect solution for you if you’re searching for a low-cost approach to achieve this is to add a little fun and individuality into your wedding is a photo booth! Consider how much more enjoyable your Sangeet or Reception will be if your family and friends are having a blast with outlandish props and silly postures.

Let’s get to know what all the creative stuff you needed for making this photobooth an extravagant and enjoyable thing in your wedding .

Let’s concentrate on the enjoyable, imaginative part now as the technical element will be taken care of by our experts at Knot Stories.

Simple solutions include taking down your curtains and covering the rod with ribbons or a tablecloth. Old sarees, tablecloths, dupattas, crepe paper streamers, a few meters of inexpensive fabric, or even a stylish curtain, can be used as your backdrop. Just make sure it is big enough to hold huge crowds of visitors and that it extends far enough down the wall. Visit the websites below to learn how to make incredibly simple backdrops!


Here are some photobooth ideas for you:

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You’re free to go crazy here! We advise you to check your neighborhood party supply store to see if they have these items OR you may utilize free printables that you can download from online. Additionally, keep a watch out at roadside shops for inexpensive decorations like large spectacles. Afros, feather boas, sparkling top hats, fake lips, and more are required! The majority of party supply businesses carry them. Obtain some chart paper or maybe some kindergarten slate and chalk. Then, guests may write notes and hold them up in photos for the newlyweds using this. Don’t hesitate to download the free printables that are available. To ensure that they’re durable, print them out on robust paper.

Set aside some time with your friends and cousins to perform some practice runs before the big event if you decide to go through with a DIY photo booth. Who among the ladies is going to take a prop and strike a pose?

On Knot Stories we would adore to highlight them. Please send us your photos!

Additionally, remember to hire a skilled wedding photographer with us to document all the joy!


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