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One Pizza A Month”- Rule, This Couple’s Wedding Contract Became Viral.


Social media is a place where there are always strange and entertaining trends. A couple’s wedding contract was one of the wedding trends that swept the internet. On June 21, 2022, Shanti Prasad and Mintu Ray exchanged vows in a religious ceremony in Guwahati. Following their wedding ceremony, the pair resolved to consume just one pizza every month by signing a humorous wedding contract!

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What is the significance of the wedding contract clause “One Pizza A Month”?

Nowadays, friends usually create humorous wedding contracts for the couple before their nuptials. However, this one caught the attention of social media users mostly because of the requirement that was listed first: “one pizza a month.” Here it is if you are as curious as we were to learn the whole explanation for this wedding contract provision.

Pizza seems to be the bride Shanti Prasad’s absolute favourite food! In fact, she insisted on ordering pizza on her first date with Mintu Rai, whom she had met in her undergraduate commerce class. However, Shanti persisted in ordering pizza each and every time on the following occasions. Even though Mintu liked pizza occasionally, he felt that her pizza obsession was a bit much for him, which is why he complained to his buddies about it. The pals then started making a running joke about it, and the rest is history!

The Social Media Trending Marriage Contract

The couple’s friends created a humorous wedding contract with eight terms and conditions for them to follow throughout their wedding. Shanti was required to sign the contract, which stated that they could only get one pizza each month. Additional requirements were that Mintu make breakfast on Sundays, accompany her shopping once every 15 days, and refrain from attending late-night gatherings without Shanti.

The bride, however, notes that “it’s just been two weeks since the wedding and we’ve already had pizza twice.”

The couple uploaded a video of themselves signing this amusing wedding contract, and it soon gained popularity, receiving more than 47 million Instagram views.

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