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Top 17 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Chennai

Pre-wedding picture sessions have grown in popularity recently. Before their big day, it is a wonderful way for couples to document their love and enthusiasm. Pre-wedding picture sessions are typically held a few months before the wedding, giving the couple time to organise and be ready.

The pre-wedding photo session is more than just a chance for the couple to get to know their photographer; it’s also a chance for them to get to know each other. It enables them to become at ease in front of the camera, which will help them be more at ease on the day of their wedding.

In many ways, a pre-wedding session serves as a trial wedding shoot since it allows the happy couple to relax and have faith in the photographer’s artistic vision and photographic magic.

Mahabalipuram Shore Temple & Beach :

A pre-wedding photoshoot in Mahabalipuram can be a creative and romantic experience, featuring temple backgrounds, sculpture gardens, and beachside romance. The town is adorned with numerous open-air sculpture gardens, providing an artistic and vibrant atmosphere. Mahabalipuram is an enchanting destination for pre-wedding photography due to its combination of historical architecture, natural beauty, and romantic settings. It is home to rock-cut cave temples and lush green landscapes.

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Secret Garden Shooting place – Thiruvanmiyur

The Secret Garden shooting place in Thiruvanmiyur is a popular spot for pre-wedding shoots due to its tranquil atmosphere and picturesque landscapes. It features lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and well-maintained lawns, as well as beautiful floral arrangements, gazebos and seating areas, water features, pathways and archways, The garden provides a serene and peaceful environment for capturing romantic moments.

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VGP Golden Resort:

VGP Golden Beach is a popular entertainment and leisure park located in Injambakkam, Chennai. It offers a unique and vibrant setting for a pre-wedding photoshoot, combining elements of fun, nature, and coastal beauty. The beach offers a romantic and picturesque backdrop for capturing candid and intimate moments, while the amusement park offers rides, attractions, and colourful installations. The lush gardens offer a serene and refreshing setting for capturing romantic and dreamy shots, while iconic structures and landmarks add an element of novelty and visual interest. 

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Inter-Continental Beach Resort:

The luxury beachfront InterContinental Beach Resort is renowned for its top-notch amenities, breathtaking coastal views, and tranquil atmosphere. With direct access to beautiful beaches, opulent lodging, picturesque outdoor areas, private beach cabanas, and resort amenities like spa services, fitness centres, water sports opportunities, and fine dining restaurants, it is situated in excellent coastal locations. Consequently, it is the ideal setting for romantic photo shoots.

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Dakshin Chitra:

DakshinaChitra is a unique cultural heritage museum located in Chennai, It offers a captivating setting for a pre-wedding photoshoot with its traditional architecture, authentic village settings, and rich cultural ambience. The museum features traditional houses, huts, and structures that have been meticulously reconstructed to represent the distinct architectural styles of the southern states of India. The museum is set amidst lush greenery, with beautifully landscaped gardens and open spaces, and hosts cultural performances and events that celebrate the traditional arts, music, and dance forms of southern India.

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Semmozhi Poonga:

Popular botanical garden Semmozhi Poonga is situated near Chennai. Due to its rich vegetation, botanical variety, water features, garden architecture, natural light, and shadows, it provides a stunning environment for a pre-wedding photoshoot. The park has a large collection of trees, plants, and flowers, as well as well-kept lawns, tidy gardens, and walkways lined with colourful plants. ideal for taking beautiful and unforgettable pictures.

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Ideal Beach Resort:

An ideal beach resort for a pre-wedding getaway should have pristine beachfront, luxurious accommodations, private and secluded spaces, resort amenities, scenic outdoor spaces, professional services, sunset and golden hour views, and water activities.

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Marina, Besant Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur

Marina Beach is the second-longest urban beach in the world, offering a vibrant and picturesque setting for a pre-wedding photoshoot. It offers a vast expanse of sandy shores, iconic landmarks, and stunning sunrises and sunsets, making it a great backdrop for pre-wedding photographs. Marina Beach offers a romantic and enchanting atmosphere for pre-wedding photographs, with activities such as kite flying, beach volleyball, horseback riding, and street food stalls. The pier and promenade can be used to create unique compositions and capture a candid moment

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Chennai Port:

Chennai Port is a significant seaport in Chennai and is situated on the Coromandel Coast. For a pre-wedding photo shoot, it provides an industrial and marine setting with breathtaking waterfront vistas, maritime components, architectural highlights, and golden hour photography. ideal for a romantic photo session

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Streets Of Mylapore:

Mylapore, a neighbourhood in Chennai, is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, traditional charm, and rich cultural legacy. It is well-known for its venerable buildings, thriving marketplaces, cultural customs, street art and murals. Including these items in your pre-wedding photoshoot can give your pictures a distinctive and colourful touch. Mylapore is well-known for its congested streets, ornate doors, and distinctive architectural elements, which make it an intimate and charming location for pre-wedding pictures.

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Muttukadu Backwaters & Kovalam:

Two well-known spots close to Chennai that provide distinctive elements and settings for a pre-wedding photoshoot are Muthukadu Backwaters and Kovalam. Mangrove forests, golden sand beaches, houseboats, and boating are all available at Muttukadu Backwaters. With its beautiful scenery and golden sand beaches, Kovalam is a well-liked beach resort. The picturesque beaches, lighthouses, rocky cliffs and coves, and sunset vistas of Kovalam are well-known.

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Pondicherry & Marakkanam:

Pondicherry (now officially known as Puducherry) and Marakkanam are two charming locations in Tamil Nadu, India, offering a unique blend of cultural heritage, coastal beauty, and serene landscapes for pre-wedding photoshoots. Pondicherry is a former French colony known for its distinct colonial architecture, tranquil beaches, and spiritual ambience. Promenade Beach, also known as Rock Beach, is a popular beachfront in Pondicherry with a beautiful promenade, iconic statues, and an old lighthouse. Auroville, an experimental township near Pondicherry, is known for its spiritual and cultural significance with the Matrimandir, an iconic golden spherical structure surrounded by serene gardens. French-style cafés, boutique stores, and quaint alleyways can be utilised to capture romantic moments.

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Sadras Fort:

The mediaeval fort of Sadras is situated close to Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is well-liked as a tourist destination because of its stunning architecture and historical value. The expansive grounds surrounding the fort have well-kept lawns, trees, and open areas, offering plenty of room for imaginative picture shoots. Due to the fort’s proximity to the Bay of Bengal, it has a coastal feel. Your pre-wedding photos might have a feeling of grandeur and drama added by the fort’s reinforced walls and bastions.

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Theosophical Society Road, Besant Nagar:

The Theosophical Society is a renowned organization located in Adyar, Chennai, India. It is known for its contributions to the study of comparative religion, philosophy, and spirituality. The road leading to the campus is lined with lush greenery, and the campus has several ancient trees, including the Adyar Banyan Tree. The Lotus Pond is surrounded by lotus flowers and greenery. The Theosophical Society Road in Besant Nagar is a great location for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

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Alamparai Fort:

A backwater-styled fort with some rustic walls makes a fantastic background for a quick photo shoot with a companion, even though the Alamparai fort is equally in ruins and has nothing left to observe. Use the boats and the backwater to get some amazing photos. The tomb is located in the middle of the fort, which is made of limestone and bricks. The fort is surrounded by high walls, and brick steps go up to the summit. The fort’s guard tower offers a good perspective of the surroundings.

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Jade Beach Resort:

If you’re looking for an affordable beach resort, this Jade Beach resort is just a short distance from the Intercontinental Beach Resort. There, you may arrange a romantic picture shoot for your pair against some gorgeous backdrops. It also features a private beach, making it possible for you to finish your pre-wedding couple photographs in one place for a fair fee.

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