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Top Trending Wedding Varmala Designs in 2022


In Indian weddings, exchanging varmalas is a crucial tradition. The start of a new married life is that. Choose a varmala design for your wedding.

Varmala is a crucial component in Indian wedding ceremonies. In Indian marriage, Jaymala has a special importance. In this ceremony, the bride and groom exchange a flower garland known as varmala, signifying their acceptance of one another as their life partner and their excitement to embark on a new journey. In the past, individuals would do this practise using floral garlands, but as times have changed, couples have discovered new and creative ways to carry out this lovely ritual. The garlands used to celebrate this ancient Vedic ceremony now come in a wide variety of distinctive designs. A selection of 11 popular varmala patterns for weddings is provided here.

The Red Rose Garland’s “The Essence of Love”

The lovely rose is a wonderful illustration of unadulterated beauty. Make the lovely varmala with the love sign “rose” for your special day during this wedding season. This lovely garland will add a distinctive touch to your wedding attire and is the ideal way to promote joy and optimism throughout this priceless event.

Sacred Red & White Tubular Varmala, the epitome of purity

Bengali couples would undoubtedly be familiar with this classy varmala. All Bengalis are ardent admirers of the bewitching garland made of white tuberose blossoms and rose petals. These delicate flowers not only make you appear charming on your wedding day, but they also fill the air with an alluring scent. And for that reason, Bengalis choose this garland over all others.

Beautiful Red and White Roses Pair

Another gorgeous garden has been added to the great list of varmala trends. At your wedding, this lovely varmala will be the main focus. The stunning red and white rose arrangement is magnificent enough to take centre stage. Additionally, you can add a few white pearls to the eye-catching varmala to give it a special touch.

Varmala’s Intricately Woven Rose Petals

The small rose petals give a fragrant air that will leave your guests in wonder, even though these rose varmala designs for wedding are the most typical ones. This varmala pattern perfectly complements your wedding attire and has a strange appearance.

The Sacred Presence Of Lotus Garland

The pink splendour of the lotus, a representation of divinity, grace, purity, and prosperity, is a sight to behold. By choosing a lotus garland, you can give your wedding varmala a special and peaceful touch. The most popular garland for Indian weddings in south Indian marriages is the jaimala. It is lucky to use this flower for lovely occasions like weddings because it is a sacred flower frequently dedicated to goddess Lakshmi. When worn for jaymala, the huge lotus blooms offer a breathtaking sight.

Beautiful Baby’s Breath Garland:

Switch to this sleek and contemporary jaimala instead of the conventional varmala styles. This fashionable wedding mala design can give your jaimala a very posh appearance. These lovely garlands, which are made of pink roses and white hydrangeas, have recently become popular at Indian weddings. Give your bridal garland a refined appearance by including tiny, partially opened rosebuds.

The Royalty Of Varmala Jewelry

A jewellery varmala is another method to spice up your jaymala celebration. This most recent varmala design stands for luxury and affection. This expensive designer varmala is just what you need if you want to give your wedding a regal feel. This varmala is undoubtedly a timeless option for a royal wedding because it is made of lovely gems, danglers, and beads.

Astonishing Pearl Garlands

This is unquestionably a classy option for a special wedding. Pearls will give your varmala a really distinctive and fashionable look. These Indian wedding jaimala, which are adorned with pearls, make a fashion statement. Nowadays, pearls take the place of flowers when it comes to being a chic and elegant garland.

Beautiful Orchid Garland Design

Orchids are a representation of beauty and love. These beautiful flowers will brighten everyone’s day and add to the specialness of your own. Purple and blue orchids are combined and weaved into a sumptuous garland that is both beautiful and portable. You can wear a contrasting ensemble with this vivid purple blossom. This vivid varmala, which is a very stunning option for weddings, has captured our hearts.

Spectacular Combination Of Pink And White Roses

To create a stunning bridal garland, choose pastel colours like baby pink and white roses if you want to give your varmala a little extra attractiveness. These wedding jaimala designs are becoming quite trendy and the newest fashion among millennials. Here, the bride and groom’s attire is beautifully complemented by the pastel-colored flowers. Opt for this stunning combination of roses to get a sophisticated and elegant look.

Nature’s Beauty: Green Garlands

Finishing with really conventional and distinctive wedding garland designs that have become popular choices for varmalas. The tulsi leaf varmala offers a colourful and energising appearance. Try this vibrant greenery jaimala if you want to have an eco-friendly wedding and make it special.


Your wedding is a priceless occasion that only comes around once in a lifetime. Find more inventive methods to make it a treasured memory to make it lovelier. I hope this brief and straightforward list has your favourite varmala designs for weddings.

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