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What To Wear On Mehendi & Reception Instead Of A Lehenga

When it comes to Indian weddings, the attire is as important as the ceremonies themselves. While lehengas are a classic choice for brides during Mehendi and reception, not everyone may want to stick to this traditional option. Here are some stylish alternatives that can make you stand out, while still keeping the essence of the occasion alive. And remember, no matter what you wear, a good wedding photographer in Chennai can capture your style in the most beautiful way!



Mehendi: Comfort Meets Style

  1. Anarkali Suits: An Anarkali suit is a fantastic alternative to a lehenga for your Mehendi. These are not only comfortable but also offer a royal look. They are easier to manage and allow you to move freely during the Mehendi application.


  1. Sharara Sets: Shararas are making a huge comeback. These wide-legged pants paired with a short kurta are perfect for a Mehendi function. They add a touch of glamour without compromising on comfort.


  1. Fusion Gowns: For a more modern look, opt for a fusion gown. These blend western silhouettes with Indian embroidery and patterns, perfect for brides looking for something unique.


Reception: Elegance and Sophistication


  1. Saree Gown: A saree gown is an elegant blend of a saree and a gown. It’s a hassle-free choice that exudes grace and is perfect for a reception.


  1. Indo-Western Lehengas: If you’re not ready to give up on lehengas completely, try an Indo-Western lehenga. These have a modern twist and often come with unique blouses or drapes.


  1. Designer Suits: A well-tailored designer suit can be a striking choice for a reception. They can be heavily embellished or simple, depending on your taste.


Capturing Your Style: The Role of a Wedding Photographer

No matter what you choose to wear, having a talented wedding photographer in Chennai is crucial. They capture the essence of your outfit and the joy of the occasion. A great photographer will not just take photos; they’ll tell your story through their lens.



Your wedding attire should reflect your personality and style. Whether it’s a playful sharara for your Mehendi or an elegant saree gown for your reception, choose something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. And don’t forget, a skilled wedding photographer in Chennai will make sure your special moments are captured beautifully for you to cherish forever.